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15th Cultural Industry Workshop (Creative@Hubs) "The Art of Mural - Street Art" Dimitris Kretsis

The Chamber of Aetoloakarnania in the context of the implementation of the operation "Holistic networking of creative media through collaborative spaces (hubs) Holistic networking of creative industries through hubs - Creative @ Hubs", co-organized the 15th knowledge enhancement workshop on: "The Art of Mural-Street Art" in cooperation with the painter Mr. Dimitris Kretsis and the Intellectual Social Sports Center of the Municipality of Messolonghi

The 15th workshop of the cultural industry that took place within the framework of the ”Creative@Hubs” program was successfully held on Monday May 23, at 19:00 p.m. with the central theme of the special techniques and secrets of mural-street art. The 15th workshop entitled "The Art of Mural-Street Art" took place in the courtyard at 80 Kyprou Street with the appropriate material and technical equipment. . The workshop was opened by the Hub Manager of the program, Vassilios Artikos, who welcomed the participants, while prefacing the topic that will follow. Then he presented to the public together with the president of the Intellectual Social Sports Center of the Municipality of Messolonghi, Mr. Nikos Hatzis the remarkable artist specializing in murals, Mr. Dimitris Kretsis, making a parallel reference to the purpose of the workshop which is to familiarize participants and especially those who are systematically involved in the visual arts with the techniques of "Street Art". Taking the floor, the speaker, Mr. Dimitris Kretsis was introduced to the public, referring to his studies and his artistic course so far. He also referred with special emotion to his teacher, Mr. Antonis Nastoulis, who was present at the workshop. Then he spoke about the evolution of mural painting over the centuries, introducing us to the spirit of this art. He underlined that the first samples of works can be found already from prehistoric times in caves. In Byzantium and the Renaissance, frescoes were constantly consolidating and evolving, as we find excellent frescoes in palaces, administrative buildings and churches. He also stressed that in Greece "Street Art" is particularly popular since the seven years and during the political changeover, especially through the exchange of buildings, which offered artists a  large number of surfaces and walls on which they could express their artistic creation. Thus, the cities were transformed into open-air galleries, being a means of popular expression and culture. Finally, he referred to the way his works were created, giving a living example of his work, completing the last touches in his work, which depicts the emblematic historical figure of the elder Christos Kapsalis. At the end of the workshop, a constructive discussion followed with the audience as the attendees asked their questions to the speaker and then a buffet with cool soft drinks was offered in the courtyard.

The workshop was also broadcast with LIVE STREAMING through the page of the Chamber of Aetoloakarnania on Facebook.

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