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PRESS RELEASE Christmas Event “Christmas Sunday. Take my word...Give me your hand.”


Christmas event

“Christmas Sunday. Take my word...Give me your hand.”


The Department of Culture RWG, the Group of Reading’s Joy of the 2nd Lyceum Messolonghi S. C., the Messolonghi Music Club “Joseph Rogon” and the Trade and Industry Association, invite you to the event entitled: "Christmas Sunday. Take my word...Give me your hand" at Chrysogelos Building" on Sunday, December 17, 2023, at 7:30 p.m.

The Group of Reading’s Joy of the 2nd Lyceum of Messolonghi S.C. and MMC Joseph Rogon claim that words record our thoughts, feelings, and memories. They become Communion of spirit and soul. Using words, we dream, we draw journeys, we sail in the seas of the mind and memory. Words mix smiles and souls. But they need the notes, the music, to tighten them ... to make them words - gifts and Christmas memories. From these thoughts, another beautiful collaboration was born between the Reading Group of Messolonghi’s 2nd Lyceum and the "Joseph Rogon" Music Club.

Characteristically, children send their thoughts like: "...my residence has always been where a word stopped me, says the poet...and I - these days - think about what to wish and what to donate to my students? But two words...what else? Tenderness and Love. And don't be so quick to tell me it's the same. Perhaps you can use them as synonyms - but they are not identical. Tenderness is like touching an infant's cheek - so, with the tips of the fingers, as you touch something precious and fragile, after fear of the Soul. Tenderness is to be always present: with mind, heart, soul, with all the essence of your being. And there comes Love, dynamic and furious, unrestrained, and non-mixed, pure, and unadulterated... because your Love cannot be contaminated by musts and must nots - by selfish purposes, by exchanges and gifts (even if immaterial) your Love is named and anonymous at the same time - you love by name and anonymously. Your Love becomes a shield of protection for the one you love and a spear of attack when you feel that he is threatened by something. To love means to give and give myself - I become a rug for you to step on and a beast to defend you - I retreat and enter the background - I know the one I love and I love him as he is... And if Love resides in a star, you are ready to go there, crossing the mountains and the seas, as the poet says. And if you ask me if everyone deserves your Tenderness and Love... I will tell you NO.

And if you ask me what I want you to have - Tenderness or Love - I will tell you both!! I don't know if I have them or if I always have them. I know I want YOU to have them... and I will be PROUD of YOU."


The RWG Culture Sector gives space to children and people of all ages and supports the power of words through the expression of the poet "...and we will not leave the world, you know that, before we love as much as our hearts desire, before we sing as much as love asks."

Your presence at the event entitled: "Christmas Sunday. Take my word...Give me your hand" at Chrysogelos Building on Sunday, December 17, 2023, at 7:30 p.m. will greatly honor us and strengthen the power of words which come as counter-gifts on Christmas days.

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