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Agrι-Food Product Businesses

Salt Coming From Earth And Sea, Zoi

''ZOI'' (Life in Greek) is a family business based in Messolonghi for ten years. We gave this name to our workshop because we wanted it to fit perfectly with its content.

It is a business with main axis the famous salt of Messolonghi, which is more beneficial than the mineral and is included in the human diet in reasonable quantities daily.

Secondly, we have our excellent, quality seasonings, which each one of them has different benefits - as mentioned on the label of each of our packages - organic herbs, superfoods, nuts and cosmetics with various oils, donkey milk, goat milk, medicinal cannabis, snail extract and Santorini black lava.

We also collaborate with Greek companies producing wine, aloe beverages, beverages and soft drinks without alcohol.

We mainly deal with the wholesale distribution of our products but recently we started to sell them in retail. For this reason, we have established a retail service station so that any consumer who wishes to obtain them directly can obtain them.

What we would like you to keep in mind is that we try, following the market trend, to procure what is new that improves our health and nutrition.

You can choose and order from a wide variety of salt products and spices that will flavour your food.

Contact us and we will advise you based on what you need.



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Philothei - Agrilia Interchange - Messolonghi Sacred City, 30200


+30 6974823014


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Operational Program of "Western Greece" Region

Aetolian Philoxenia
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