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Kudros Bio Farming

In the rare microclimate of Aetoliko’s lagoon, there is a farm with black pigs, who live free, swim, and give birth in their nests...

Kostas Kyrochristos is a modern pig-breeder with ecological sensitivities, who passionately loves his work and nature. It was twenty years ago when he bought land in Agia Triada, named "Koundros" in ancient times, ten kilometers outside the islet of Aetoliko and created a model farm, continuing the tradition of the predecessor owner of the land that until 1910 bred pork of an indigenous black pig and he sold them in Sicily and Parma. The natural environment of 2000 acres is beautiful, with hills filled with lush olive trees while the lagoon emerges among the canopies.

The excellent environment, the microclimate of the area and the ideal conditions result in five times the life and breeding time of sows from industrialized livestock farming. They are left to give birth freely in their natural environment, searching for their nest on their own, choosing in the winter months the hills and summer near the swamps and waters. The time it takes for animals intended for meat production is 12 months, to obtain a net body weight of 40 - 45 kg, when in the corresponding industrialized pig farm, it is only 4 months.

The black pigs – an indigenous certified breed – run in groups beside you, bathe on the banks, sleep under age-old olive trees and need at least 12 months to gain the right weight for meat production. Kyrochristos applies a rare extensive, organic breeding. When you try the juicy ripening sausage with the brand "Kudros", made with an old recipe of 1932, you get excited. He also makes excellent natural-ripening bacon which is available in seasons and features the delicious meat of its black pigs, packed.



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Agia Triada, Aetoliko


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