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Messolonghi Salt Floros

The company "Floros" is a family business that deals exclusively with salt.

Born and raised in Messolonghi, we know everything about the best product of our region: salt. We see it every year drying under the Greek sun, collected by skilled workers, we know its quality, its uses, its beneficial properties, its unique taste.

We know "Afrina", the finest derivative of salt pans, salt in its purest form, the most delicious and healthy.

In 2012 we started the company "Floros", in order to introduce the Greek and foreign public to the natural unprocessed salt of Messolonghi, a product produced in the salt pans of Messolonghi. We chose to offer the public salt in its purest form, without any treatment, without removing its moisture, changing the size of its grain or adding chemicals. We chose, based on our knowledge and experience, to offer the birth of the Greek sea and the Greek sun as it is, as it is produced by natural processes in the saltmarshes of Messolonghi, with a guarantee of quality, with work done by hand, with respect to tradition and with passion for the product.

Our company offers the natural unprocessed salt and the "Afrina" of Messolonghi in various packages and mixtures, suitable for all uses and all requirements.



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Mavrokordatou 7, Messolonghi S.C, 30200


+30 2631025854


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