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We are a family business based on principles, values, with love and respect for the gifts of nature. Messolonghi has the largest natural salt marshes in Greece and one of the largest in Europe. The natural unreexerated salt, a gift with which Messolonghi is blessed, allows us to produce the salt "Xiros" from the salt pans of Messolonghi in its purest and purest form. Salt is obtained through the drying of seawater in the sun.

Vassilis Kseros, born and bred in the Sacred City of Messolonghi, having state-of-the-art privately owned facilities a stone's throw from the salt marshes and having absolute dedication to quality and respect for the customer, brings to you the natural unprocessed salt "Xiros", rich in precious minerals and trace elements (potassium, calcium, magnesium). These valuable ingredients are in the ideal proportion that the human body needs to function properly and at the same time they shield health by accompanying all your tasty creations.

The salt blossom or otherwise Fleur-de-sel  as it is widely known is a salt of excellent quality and is considered the king of salt. It has a distinct taste, lightly, melts in the mouth, creating a unique sensation. It has not undergone any treatment. It is concentrated on the surface of the water in the salt marshes and is collected strictly by hand.

Our salt, pure and unprocessed, travels to every corner of Greece. In the packages has been divided into different grain sizes, fine, medium, coarse. Many options of different granulometry same quality.

Our products are already in various points of sale in our country. The craft we have created offers us the ability to send our product in large quantities wherever it is needed. We can supply from small shops to large supermarkets.

So, we can offer you salt of excellent quality and taste, of your own desired granulometry while preserving all its beneficial ingredients.



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17 Hondrou St, 30200, Messolonghi S.C.


+30 6984147461


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