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It was established in 2003 with main activity in aquaculture and the marketing of fresh fish. It specializes in the production of euryhaline Mediterranean fish: sea bream, sea bass, sharp snout sea bream and red sea bream. Although it has formed a mainly export character, it maintains its constant presence in the domestic market at specific points of sale in Greece. It is interested in its excellent products, in its conscientiousness, professionalism and social    sensitivity, but above all in the love of the employees in their work.   We look to the future with creative concern, always based on the three fundamental principles of guaranteed quality, proper management, healthy development.

Its name is inspired by ancient Greece. SAO was a Nereid, one of the 51 daughters of Nereus and Doris. The Nereids were sea nymphs, each of which represented a distinct characteristic or property of the sea. SAO was the merciful nymph, protector of sailors and helper of the shipwrecked.

The company’s headquarters are located in Patras while the fish farms are located at the mouth of the Acheloos Acheloos, in the wider area of the Messolonghi-Aetoliko lagoon complex, in a zone under the protection of international conventions (Natura 2000, Ramsar Convention on Wetlands).  it is also the administrative centre for the control of the production and distribution of its products. This structure allows for a more flexible and functional organization of its commercial activity. The company's productsare available fresh, processed and processed (fillets, smoked, fished). All procedures followed are certified according to ISO 22000.

The company's units are located in the Acheloos Delta, in the wider area of the Messolonghi Aitoliko Lagoon Complex. It is a zone with unique natural environmental characteristics which is part of a special protection regime (Ramsar Convention, Natura 2000). Aquaculture is the most ideal environmentally agricultural activity in this area where nature remains a protagonist.   the unique quality with nature and vice versaa. All production, from breeding to packaging, is controlled by qualified and trained personnel. All the necessary health and safety conditions are met, and all procedures are certified according to the most important international standards. A unique production area, a packing plant, a distribution center. For every stage of the fish's life there is control, recording and constant monitoring to enable it to be traced. We know every moment of the fish's life.  its history.  "The way of the fish" or else "the circle of the fish" in our language...

Each catch is based on the orders of the day. In SLO there are no "mass catches" and uncertain sales. Only in this way canfreshness and product quality be guaranteed, and only in this way can the fishmonger or fisherman advertise the 'day fish'.

The company's objectives are the healthy and progressive development, the vertical integration of its production, the introduction of innovative products in its production line, the support of social actions for the local prosperity as well as the search and implementation of innovative and effective production practices with priority to ensuring the natural environment and the welfare of fish.



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Neohori, Messolonghi S.C. 30001




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