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Agricultural Cooperative Ancient Olenia

The Agricultural Cooperative of Ancient Olenia of Aitoloakarnania was founded in 2017 with headquarters in the Municipality of Stamna of the Municipality of the Holy City of Messolonghi and deals exclusively with the promotion in the market of olives and olive oil produced in the Municipality of Messolonghi.

The organization of the producers was recognized by the Directorate of Agricultural Economy and Veterinary Medicine of the Region of Western Greece inJanuary 2018. The organization consists of 21 producers who have a continuous and unwavering goal with respect to the environment, to produce quality olive and olive oil products. The olive groves and the headquarters of the Agricultural Cooperative are within walking distance of the ecosystem of the lagoon of Aitoliko – Messolonghi which are protected by the RAMSAR convention and have been included in the NATURA 2000 network.

The Agricultural Cooperative is nothing more than an association of olive growers who cultivate with love and responsibility the blessed product of the olive tree. The ancient saying that suits the project is "Strength in unitation"." But is that enough? All members of the Agricultural Cooperative are producers of table olives and olive oil by choice and not by necessity. The first feeling that united them is their love for the olive tree and by extension through the olive tree and their love for the environment. The blessed Aetolian land that they have installed their olive groves at the same time is the place where their families live. In addition, it is the place that is protected by the RAMSAR convention and has been included in the NATURA 2000 network, which means that within the same area coexist the human factor, the olive groves, and a large number of protected species of fauna and flora. Within these data they try to develop and protect the products of the blessed olive tree while achieving the development and protection of the area.

The Agricultural Cooperative, in the absolute way of the environment, has been implementing an organic farming program since 2019.  The OXYGEN-HELLENIC CERTIFICATION BODY operates, with integrity and reliability, in the field of control and certification of organic products and   has set as its primary goal the supply of the consumer with products of top quality and high nutritional value. Given the quality of the products, we respond to the particular requirements of the market with practices characterized by responsibility and respect for people and the environment.

The Agricultural Cooperative provides its members with a series of services necessary for the continuous development and improvement of production processes such as valid advice on the correct way of cultivation, undertakes their supply with all the necessary agricultural supplies and has undertaken their commercial promotion in businesses in Greece and abroad.  nutritional value of food from the field to the table of the final consumer and acts in this direction consistently and always in accordance with the modern requirements of the international market following the frameworks of international quality assurance standards.

The Agricultural Cooperative in order to ensure the quality and safety of the products, produced applies the national standard AGRO 2.1 and AGRO 2.2 (Integrated management system of edible olives and olive oil) while cooperated exclusively with the quality control center of table olives which scientifically monitors the fermentation process of the olive from the moment it is immersed in the tank until thefinal saleor   her.  For the first time in our country, a quality control center is established with vision and aim to ensure the quality of the product, supporting the Cooperative in order to bring excellent quality results.





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