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Trikoupeio Cultural Center

Another historic building of the city is the engine room of the old Messolonghi Railway Station, known today as the "Trikoupeio Cultural Center".

Charilaos Trikoupis was the visionary, who decided to create a railway throughout the country in 1882. In this context, in June 1888, the construction of the 44 km line Messolonghi - Aetoliko - Agrinio begins, with the first route being made from Messolonghi to Agrinio, on March 15, 1890, while the following year the extension of the line Messolonghi - Kryoneri is delivered for use. It is worth noting that the Messolonghi Railway Station was the most central station of the Railway network of Northwestern Greece.

Today, the renovated engine room of the old railway station functions as a Cultural Center. It hosts theatrical performances, film screenings, concerts and lectures throughout the year, and often hosts art exhibitions.

Source Text: visitmes.gr

Photo Source: Vasilis Artikos


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Trikoupeio Cultural Center, Holy city of





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