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The Chamber of Aetoloakarnania in the context of the implementation of the operation "Holistic networking of creative media through collaborative spaces (hubs) Holistic networking of creative industries through hubs - Creative@Hubs", co-organized the 22nd knowledge enhancement workshop on: "TWO COUNTRIES, ONE HISTORY - Greek Culture of Italy meets Mother Greece" in collaboration with the Greek Cultural Association of Castrignano dei Greci "Nuova Koinè" & the Cultural Center of Greek-Italian Friendship of Messolonghi "Nea Koinè".

The 22nd cultural industry workshop was successfully held as part of the "Creative@Hubs" program, on Wednesday 21 September at 20:00, entitled: "TWO COUNTRIES, ONE HISTORY - Greek Culture of Italy meets Mother Greece" in the event hall of the Chrysogelo building, accompanied by the appropriate logistical equipment. The workshop was prefaced by the heads of the Creative@hubs program of the Chamber of Aetoloakarnania, Robolas Georgios and Artikos Vassilis, who warmly welcomed such actions that contribute to union and cooperation and highlight the common elements and parallel progress of the two countries, Greece, and Italy, which was also the central thematic axis of the workshop. Then, after welcoming the audience, they presented the three speakers, the director Lefteris Dakalakis, the musician Christos Vlachogiannis who are also the "soul" of the Greek-Italian Friendship Association with the Greek-speaking villages of Italy and the artist - writer Fernando Pensa. In the first part, the presenters referred to the ten-year relationship of the Greek Cultural Association "Nuova Koinè" with the Cultural Center of Greek-Italian Friendship of Messolonghi ʺNea Koinèʺ which was sealed with the twinning of the municipalities of Messolonghi and Salerno in 2018. The presenters emphasized that over the years many actions were implemented such as exchange of school trips, cultural exchanges and cultural exchanges at all levels (tourism, tasting, musical events) with reference to the historical interaction of the two regions (Below Italy-Greece), the creation of which is the Grecian language, a dialect of Greek mixed with Italian elements spoken by the Greek-speakers of  Italy, whose presence in this region dates back to prehistoric times. In the second part, the book "Once upon a time in Castriniano" by Fernando Pensa was presented and relevant passages were read that highlighted the charm of fairy tales in both countries. In the third part there was a screening of the documentary directed by Lefteris Dakalakis entitled: "Two countries, One history" in which the natural beauties, the historical physiognomy and the cultural specificity of both the Greek-speaking villages of Italy and the city of Messolonghi were shown in a direct, illustrative and intensely experiential way. At the end of the workshop there was a discussion with the audience, the participants asked their questions to the presenters and a buffet with cool refreshments and food was offered outside the building.

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