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The Chamber of Aetoloakarnania in the framework of the implementation of the act "Holistic networking of creative SMEs via hubs" Holistic networking of creative industries via hubs - Creative@Hubs, organized the 20th knowledge-enhancing workshop on: "Agrifood - Gastronomy - Cultural Tourism. Sustainable Economy Model and Entrepreneurship Development Triptych" in collaboration with the Riverview Project SCE.

The 20th cultural industry workshop was successfully held as part of the "Creative@Hubs" program, on Thursday, July 7 at 8:00 p.m. which took place in Matsouki Agrinio - Aetoloakarnania as part of the River View Festival. The workshop was opened by the Project Manager of the "Creative@Hub" program, George Robolas, who welcomed the participants while at the same time introducing the topic that will follow. Then the speakers took the floor, first the Deputy Regional Governor for Sustainable Development, Energy and Environment Region of Western Greece, Lampros Dimitrogiannis, who spoke about the triptych of entrepreneurship development "Tourism - Culture - Agri-Food" as a model of sustainable economy. He mentioned the field of agri-food, how it is connected to the gastronomy of the region and how it is an important part for the development of entrepreneurship, cultural tourism and the economy of the place through its promotion, as the gastronomy and the products of a region are inextricably linked with the traditions of a place and by extension with its identity.

The second speaker was the Deputy Regional Governor of Mountain-Forestry Policy and Animal Husbandry of the Region of Central Greece Katerina Kalantzi, who referred to the marketing, branding and labeling of agri-food products, in short the conditions that a product must meet in order to be competitive and successful , the necessity of extroversion and the strategy that a company will follow, the importance of creating a corporate identity and a strong brand that will have a clear position in the market and in the heart of the consumer.

Immediately after, the third speaker Akrivi Kouki, Food Technologist and Director of the olive factory of the Agricultural Cooperative "Agrinio Union", took the floor, who spoke about the organoleptic characteristics through which the evaluation and quality classification of a product is done and analyzed the part of the goodwill of a premium product.

The last speaker was Ioannis Balomenos, Chef and member of the Board of Directors of the Chefs Club of Greece, who spoke about local gastronomy and how it is connected to cultural tourism. He talked about culinary tourism, about local products that one can discover and culinary experiences that one can enjoy.


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