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The Chamber of Aetoloakarnania in the context of the implementation of the operation “Holistic networking of creative industries through hubs - Creative@Hubs", co-organized the 19th knowledge enhancement workshop on: "Creation, Design and Internationalization of Products from Raw Materials" in collaboration with the Creation Workshop "DEZAART"

The 19th cultural industry workshop was successfully held as part of the "Creative@Hubs" program, on Monday, July 4, at 8:00 p.m., with the central theme of how from the conception of the idea to create a product, we move on to the specific techniques and in industrial design tools, in e-shop sales aimed at International markets, in the techniques of using CNC machines in the production process in practice and in understanding modern personnel management methods. The 19th workshop entitled "Creation, Design and Internationalization of Products from Raw Materials" took place at the Creation Workshop "DEZAART" with the appropriate logistical equipment where a number of professionals attended.

The workshop was opened by the Project Manager of the "Creative@Hub" program, George Robolas, who welcomed the participants, introducing at the same time the topic that will follow and gave the floor to George Athanasiou, who started by making a brief reference to the history of the company, at the beginning and the choice of the idea, the first steps and the difficulties encountered by every business especially in the field of processing and production of cultural industry products. Difficulties related to long working hours, lack of funds, lack of experience, the need to constantly modernize the mechanical and building equipment in production, finding the most suitable raw materials, inexperience in terms of organization, the immaturity of decisions.

The floor was taken by Thanasis Athanasiou who referred to the solutions to the above difficulties that laid the foundations for a more stable and healthy development model for the company in the future, which is to set realistic goals and find partners with experience in every part of the company's operation , the targeted restructuring of production, with the purchase of new machines and the modernization of the production process, the continuous development following the modern ways of organizing and managing businesses, the selection of appropriate building infrastructures, the automation of production to the maximum extent possible, the creation of corporate "BRAND" identity, the highlighting of the reduced environmental footprint of the product, the integrated approach to strategy planning in e-marketing, always targeting the quality product, the creation of a modern staff department.

Taking the floor, immediately after, Alexia Katsila, responsible in the sales department, analyzed the topic of the Internationalization of entrepreneurship through the presence on international digital platforms. She referred to online commerce (e-commerce) and the enormous advantages it gives to every business, she referred to the main marketplaces such as Etsy, Amazon, Skroutz, the advantages and difficulties that you encounter and what each of them can give as surplus value separately, to a cultural industry business. She made special mention of the company's website for Greece and abroad (Dezaar.gr and Dezaart.com) and the methodology of approaching customers through the store's so-called electronic storefront. She mentioned the three key steps, SEO or Search Engine Optimization which is very simply about how someone can easily find you on Google, the necessary and continuous presence on social media such as FB, INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST, TWITTER, LINKEDIN and of course advertising. Finally, she closed, referring to Digital Marketing, the good product that cannot fail, that gives satisfaction, that makes the customer a loyal customer and the best advertiser of your product. Last but not least was the reference to customer service, necessary in every e-commerce business to ensure the quality of services, the transfer of information from the customer to the company and the recognition and optimization of the product because after all the customer is the one who knows best what he needs (the pain point). She closed by emphasizing that a company's biggest competitor is itself!

The last speaker from the "DEZAART" team was Christos Kavalaris, responsible in the personnel department, who analyzed the part of remote work as a new reality in our country as well as modern ways of personnel management. There was an extensive analysis of the pros and cons of remote working and it touched on the huge issue that all businesses face which is how we manage our staff and keep them happy and productive.

At the end of the workshop, a buffet with cool refreshments was offered and the attendees had the opportunity to tour the space and see in practice how the CNC machines work, while asking the speakers their questions.

The workshop was also broadcast LIVE STREAMING through the page of the Chamber of Aetoloakarnania on Facebook.

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