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The Chamber of Aetoloakarnania in the context of the implementation of the operation “Holistic networking of creative industries through hubs - Creative @ Hubs", co-organized the 16th knowledge enhancement workshop on: "Studio Photography Seminar - Composition, Direction, Lighting" in cooperation with Lena Arkoumani & Konstantinos Rizos, representatives of the SCE "Taxidevousa".

The 16th workshop of the cultural industry that took place within the framework of the "Creative@Hubs" program was successfully held on Monday, June 6, at 19:00 p.m. with the central theme of the special techniques and secrets of photography in the studio. The 16th workshop entitled "Studio Photography Seminar - Composition, Direction, Lighting" took place in the photography studio of SCE "Taxidevousa" on Griva Street with the appropriate material and technical equipment where many professional and amateur photographers gave their presence.The workshop was opened by the Project Manager of the "Creative@Hub" program, George Robolas, who welcomed the participants, while prefacing the topic that will follow. He then introduced to the public the two speakers, Lena Arkoumani and Konstantinos Rizos (photographers), referring to their renowned professional career in the field of photography and the collections of their works. He stressed that the purpose of the workshop is to acquaint the participants and especially those who are professionally or amateur with photography and more specifically with the techniques of photography in "studio". Taking the floor, the first speaker, Lena Arkoumani, explained to the public how to set up the portrait photo. She stressed that this was not just a simple recording of a person. It is a complex process that requires the photographer the ability to observe and interpret the movements and expressions of the photographer, inspiring him with security to unfold his special personality. At the same time, the participants learned about the history of the portrait through live presentations by famous photographers, making use of the material required for such a photograph (lenses, lights, background), thus exploring the composition and significance of the pose, through different expressions and movements. . Then the second speaker, Konstantinos Rizos, spoke about product photography. He said that in this type of photography, the photographer photographs fixed objects, usually industrial products and others, such as flowers, food, etc. He uses flexible cameras with digital backs and must have a good knowledge of lighting techniques. Finally, he must also have skills of composition and creative imagination, so that his photographs attract the interest of consumers. At the end of the workshop, a constructive discussion followed with the audience as the attendees asked their questions to the speakers and then a buffet with cool soft drinks was offered at the workshop.

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