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‘‘All Castles Fell'' Historical Poetic Drama

‘‘All Castles Fell''

 Historical Poetic Drama from the ''Circle of Greek Writers Judges'' – inspired by the heroic ''Exodus of Messolonghi''.

It may be that all ''the Castles have fallen'', as the title of the historical poetic drama ''claims'', but... The Castle of Messolonghi not only did not fall, but the "spotlight of History" has focused and stopped in Greek land, illuminating abundantly and timelessly the heroic Messolonghi.

This message was conveyed by the Performance of the "Circle of Greek Writer Judges", which in a packed Amphitheater of the War Museum received particularly positive comments from the dozens of spectators.

The short epilogue of the President of the War Museum flew on the same wavelength, closing the "final curtain" of the Event, with Mr. Anastasios Liaskos congratulating the organizers and contributors of the Show, underlining at the same time that this initiative proved their great sensitivity for historical self-knowledge and empathy and even – as he characteristically added – in times when such intellectual and artistic creations are necessary.

Referring to the "Exodus of Messolonghi", Mr. Liaskos pointed out, among other things, that history will always find it difficult to ''embrace'' this event, because it stretches between the history and the mythology.

The President of the ''Circle of Greek Writers Judges'' Sophia Lignou, expressing her warmest thanks for the contribution of the War Museum to the presentation of the Historical Poetic Drama, gave to Mr. Anastasios Liaskos the Painting of Stavros Tzortzos, which depicts ''IERAX: The Destroyer that liberated Psarra'', in order to be exhibited in a space of the War Museum. At the same time, Mrs. Lignou awarded - on behalf of the "Circle of Greek Writers Judges" - an Honorary Distinction to Mr. Vassilios Kontogiorgos, a military member of the War Museum, for his unlimited contribution to the flawless organization of the Event.

At the Event, the Minister of Justice, Costas Tsiaras, was represented by the Director of the Office of Dinos Kokkinos.

The performance was attended by representatives of the judicial branch, lawyers and many history and art lovers, who at the same time expressed their admiration for the ''Diorama'' of the War Museum on the subject of the ''Exodus of Messolonghi'' based on the Painting by Theodoros Vryzakis.

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