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Art Exhibition of Ina Karageorgou at the Chrysogelos Building of Region of Western Greece

The Deputy Regional Governor of Culture & Tourism, Nikos Korovesis, invites you to the opening of the exhibition “Art-Worker of Hands” of INA KARAGEORGOU at the Chrysogelos Building, on Sunday, February 27th at 7.30pm.

The organization of the art exhibition of Ina Karageorgou by the Regional Unit of Aetoloakarnania of the Region of Western Greece at Chrysogelos Building, has the intention to highlight an original artwork through the creations created by the artist.

As stated by the Deputy Regional Governor of Culture and Tourism, Nikos Korovesis, "with quality collaborations we intend to highlight every cultural aspect of R.W.G. The exhibition of Ina Karageorgou is the sealing of the intention of the Cultural Sector to give a platform to artists to express themselves".

The arranging of the art exhibition in the Sacred City of Messolonghi will contribute to the maximization of the Cultural Footprint, combining innovation and quality, will promote and highlight the cultural heritage, enhancing aesthetic education in the Local Community.

The presentation of the exhibition will be realised by the collaborator of the Department of Culture of R.W.G.-R.U. Aetoloakarnania, Sofia Lanara, the narration by the teacher Dimitrios Draganas and the musical supervision by the musician Dimitrios Manolatos and his team.

During the exhibition, all the instructions of the National Public Health Organization will be followed to avoid the spread of covid-19.

Exhibition’s Duration: 27 February - 31 March 2022

MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10.30- 13.30

SUNDAY 10.30 – 13.30

Operational Program of "Western Greece" Region

Aetolian Philoxenia
The house of tourist of "Sacred City" of Messolonghi - OPS5041944

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