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17th Cultural Industry Workshop (Creative@Hubs) “AI – SYMIOS - The Intangible Cultural Heritage as a Factor of Sustainable Cultural Tourism”

The Chamber of Aetoloakarnania in the context of the implementation of the operation "Holistic networking of creative media through collaborative spaces (hubs) Holistic networking of creative industries through hubs - Creative @ Hubs", co-organized the 17th knowledge enhancement workshop on: “AI – SYMIOS - The Intangible Cultural Heritage as a Factor of Sustainable Cultural Tourism” in cooperation with the Municipality of Messolonghi Sacred City, the Intellectual Social Sports Center of the Municipality of Messolonghi Sacred City & the Cultural Association “O Ai Symios”.

The 17th cultural industry workshop held successfully as part of the “Creative @ Hubs” program on Saturday, June 11 at 19:00 p.m. with the central theme of the importance of the festival of Ai Symios for the local community and the initiative of its registration and final inclusion in the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. The 17th workshop entitled “AI-SYMIOS -The Intangible Culture Factor of Sustainable Cultural Tourism” took place in the courtyard of the Chrysogelos building with the appropriate logistical equipment. The workshop was opened by the Hub Manager of the program Vassilios Artikos and the mayor of Messolonghi Sacred City, Costa Lyros who welcomed the participants, while prefacing the topic that would follow. Then they presented to the public the two speakers, Dr. Eleni Karanikola-Tsouvela (teacher-researcher) and Konstantinos Sokolas (sociologist-historian), while making a parallel reference to the purpose of the workshop which was to promote this mystical event and the ways in which it can be a factor and lever of development local cultural tourism. Taking the floor, the first speaker, Dr. Eleni Karanikola-Tsouvela made a historical review of the course of the festival over the years, stating that its first historical recording took place three years after the EXODOS of Messolonghi, with the relocation of the inhabitants of Messolonghi to the city, who after going to the monastery of the Saint Symeon, made a memorial prayer in honor of the Fallen of the Exodus. It has since been established as a popular event with historical, religious, and symbolic character. She stressed that its celebration (twice a year) is associated with the rebirth of nature and involves elements of Dionysian ecstasy. Finally, she stressed that it is governed by rules and ritual practices which do not change over time (way of participation, appropriate clothing, tradition of passing the baton from generation to generation). Then the second speaker, Mr. Konstantinos Sokolas praised the emergence of the festival as a factor of perpetuation of cultural heritage and referred to its contribution and its usefulness as a tourist product that will attract many interested visitors, through the creation of souvenirs, thus stimulating and promoting the cultural industry of the wider area of Messolonghi.  At the end of the workshop there was a constructive discussion with the public and then the attendees had the opportunity to learn about the character of the festival through a guided tour of the interactive exhibition organized by Creative @ hub with the assistance of the cultural association "Ai Symios", the Cultural Center and the Municipality of Messolonghi Sacred City on the topic: "The festival of Ai Symios" with historical relics and photos of the festival.


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