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"Fleur de sel"

A very special product of the salt pans of Messolonghi is "Fleur de sel". This is the Salt Flower (Fleur de Sel). It is considered the best salt. It is really the salt flower, which is carefully collected from the top of the salt before it is sunk and incorporated with the rest of the salt in the salt pan. It is collected manually by excellent craftsmen who possess the know-how and experience, without processing or washing and without the addition of other substances. It consists mainly of sodium chloride crystals, but of course also of other minerals and trace elements such as fluorine, magnesium, potassium, calcium. It is created on the surface of the water in the salt pans and has the form of foam, hence its name.

The production of the "Fleur de sel" is based on a natural process which increases the salt concentration of seawater circulating in a series of tanks until the concentration reaches the limit of crystallization, in the final shallow tank, the “alopigio” (crystal pan or pan). It is collected manually by peeling the surface of the “alopigio” (crystal pan) with a special wooden tool before settle to the bottom from where it can no longer be collected as a salt flower. The crystals are collected in the center of the “alopigio”, placed near a special platform at the end of the “alopigio”, and pushed on it with the help of the tool. The handling is designed to set in motion the brine in order to move the crystals in the bottom of “alopigio”, without entrapping clay particles. Producers first store the product (intermediate or pre-storage) and then proceed to sort it. After storage and sorting, it is stored as is or after partial drying that improves its fluidity.

This salt retains a percentage of moisture because it has not been treated. It is this special texture that gives its special crystalline form, its soft taste, but also helps to maintain its characteristic elements. Consists of white, light, thin and brittle crystals. Contains: sodium chloride: 94.3 - 97.6%, calcium: 0.19 - 0.20%, magnesium: 0.42 - 0.79%, potassium: 0.22 - 0.67%, iron: 8 - 11.1 mg / kg, iodine: 0.5 -

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