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Ouzo is a drink produced mainly from the distillation of wine by-products and, more rarely from cereals and from alcohol derived from sugar beet by-products (melasa). It is placed in copper cauldrons and flavored through the process of distillation with herbs and fruits, dominated by the anise that gives this characteristic taste.

It is produced exclusively in Greece, where it is widely consumed, while it is also exported abroad. It belongs to the category of distilled alcoholic beverages and spirits. Especially well known is the ouzo produced in Lesvos. Drinks that flavored by distillation or soaking with anise seeds, are also found in other Mediterranean countries, such as “pastis” in France and “sambuca” in Italy.

The ouzo production process, however, is superior to other beverages as it comes from distillation while most come from mixing or soaking of aromatic seeds.

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