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14th Cultural Industry Workshop (Creative@Hubs)

The Chamber of Aetoloakarnania, in the context of the implementation of the operation,"Holistic networking of creative industries through hubs - Creative@Hubs", co-organized the 14th knowledge enhancement workshop on:"ZELIOS LAND - Theme Parks, Experiential Experiences of Culture" in co-operation with"Zelios Land"  Botanical Garden.

The 14th cultural industry workshop entitled "ZELIOS LAND - Theme Parks, Experiential Cultural Experiences" was successfully held as part of the strategic project "Creative@Hubs", on Sunday, May 15 at 14:00, at the Botanical Garden "Zelios Land" .

The workshop was opened by the Creative@Hub Project Manager George Robolas, who after thanking the participants, referred to the Zelios Family and the great imprint they have left on the development, entrepreneurship, innovation, and cultural, gastronomic and ecological tourism, in an area with a large historical reserve from antiquity to the present day.

Aristotle Zelios, the lecturer of the workshop, took the floor and after welcoming the attendees, he made a small presentation of the Botanical Garden; how the idea started, how it was created, when it opened its doors to the public and what is its purpose and philosophy.

The workshop was followed by a parallel tour of the participants in the Botanical Garden where reference was made to innovative models of theme parks across Europe, the positive elements of these good practices of cultural Tourism and highlighted the advantages of holistic approach to park design as Experiential Participation in workshops of cultural industry and Experiential art activities, through the narration of a cultural path of educational character, in theme gardens.

The participants lived a rare experiential experience, creating ceramics and candles from beehives, listening to myths and historical stories related to the area, in contact with nature, in an unexplored green paradise, an oasis with 3500 plants, 24 marble busts of Greek history and art over the years, with deer, rich vineyards, varieties of roses, rare varieties of flowers and herbs, and a variety of aromatic and medicinal plants.

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