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18th Cultural Industry Workshop (Creative@Hubs) "DIEXODOS - Tool for the Development and Promotion of Cultural Tourism of the Municipality of Messolonghi Sacred City"

The Chamber of Aetoloakarnania in the context of the implementation of the operation “Holistic networking of creative industries through hubs - Creative@Hubs", co-organized the 18th knowledge enhancement workshop on: "DIEXODOS - Tool for the Development and Promotion of Cultural Tourism of the Municipality of the Sacred Town of Messolonghi"

The 18th Cultural Industry Workshop held as part of the “Creative @ Hubs” program, was successfully held on Sunday, June 26, with the central theme of the multidimensional offer of the cultural organization "DIEXODOS", the recording of the cultural but also the economic surplus value that it has given to the sector of Cultural Tourism and Cultural Industry in the wider area of Messolonghi during its twenty years of operation. The 18th workshop entitled “DIEXODOS - Tool for the Development and Promotion of Cultural Tourism of the Municipality of the Sacred Town of Messolonghi” took place at the Historical Museum of the Public Benefit Cultural Organization" Diexodos " in the Sacred Town of Messolonghi.

The workshop was opened by the Project Manager on behalf of the Chamber of Aetoloakarnania, George Robolas, welcoming the participants and at the same time prefacing the topic that would follow. Then the President of the Chamber of Aetoloakarnania, Panagiotis Tsichritzis took the floor and thanked for the honor of having to cooperate with the Founder and CEO of the Public Benefit Private Cultural Organization "Diexodos" Nikos Kordosis, expressed his admiration for the contribution and work of both himself and the "Diexodos" Group in Culture and in the development of entrepreneurship, promoting and building an extremely good practice, a unique model of cultural industry, worthy of study and Internationalization.

The workshop continued in the form of a discussion between G. Robolas and N. Kordosis during which in the first phase the historical value of the building and the initial thoughts of the founder about its future use at that time emerged. The added value given by the history of the building itself, the marketing of the narration of the Historical Root (Cultural Telling Story) and its one way to connect with culture and the creation of a node of Cultural Industry. It was also emphasized the participation, the upgrade in terms of knowledge, but also the strengthening of many professions of the Cultural Industry from the initial stages of the implementation of the idea of creating "Diexodos", highlighting the multifaceted offer of good practical cultural nodes such as "Diexodos" in development of the cultural industry of a place from the initial stages of its birth and operation.

In the second phase of the discussion, the questions focused on the operation and the culturally produced work, the peculiarities and the difficulties of managing a multifaceted creative cultural node such as the "Diexodos" and the widest range of events and actions. On behalf of Nikos Kordosis, a special reference was made to the executives of the "Diexodos" team, to Ms. Kaneli, Artistic Director, to Vangelis Robolas, Curator, and to how important it is to select the appropriate collaborators with knowledge in the field. The need for continuous cooperation and synergy with the various cells of the cultural industry of the region was emphasized and not only, the constant search for specialization at every step and for every action, to achieve the best result as a sign of respect for Culture itself, to the art-loving public but also to the common people who thirst for knowledge and need culture many times more than anyone. At the same time, it was emphasized the fact that the purchase, the utilization of the building, the collection of historical art objects as well as the organization and implementation of all events / actions are covered mainly with own funds but also with small donations or sponsorships, without any state funding or implementation of a development subsidized program. Particular emphasis was placed on understanding the financial size of the project and the difficulties of those involved in culture, to implement all the above with own funds and the needs that arise in the end, to inform and seek resources as individuals of culture through business programs and synergies /collaborations with the A' and B' Degree Local Government and the local bodies, which will finally aim essentially at the support of the enterprises of cultural Industry such as "Diexodos".

In the third phase of the discussion, the questions focused on the development of new nodes of culture and cultural tourism, such as the Cultural Library of "Diexodos", the Art Guesthouse and the first Salt Museum of the Country in Aliki of Tourlida, in their activities and the impact they have on the development of the cultural industry and the so-called sector of Cultural Tourism of the Municipality of Messolonghi and the companies involved as links in the value chain of this sector. N. Kordosis referred to the wealth of books and archives that exist in the Cultural Library of "Diexodos" and highlighted the scientific value that these historical archives have in extracting targeted and correct historical conclusions to researchers. Special mention was made of the various art workshops that are implemented in this area and the fact that more than 25 to 30 citizens from the Municipality of I.P. Messolonghi but also from neighboring prefectures, which as a result of their participation in the workshops have established their own companies in the field of cultural industry.

Referring to the Art Guesthouse, he emphasized the special experience that the visitor receives with his stay in the specific premium art & accommodation space and the dynamics of the transmission of pleasure and the uniqueness of the visitor's experience on his return to his place, which should be strategic goal of every enterprise of the cultural industry and especially of Cultural Tourism.

Referring to the first Salt Museum of the Country, he said that the visits have exceeded all expectations. In 18 months of full operation have exceeded 22,000 and based on the data so far its contribution to the financial support of the so-called Cultural Tourism sector of the Municipality of Messolonghi and the companies involved as links in the value chain of this sector is very big.

He mentioned with examples in the industries that are directly and indirectly affected by the attendance of visitors to the city and concluded by considering it as the most successful argument of cultural industry in our country that will surely be a source of inspiration and great influence on the Development Model of Cultural Tourism.

The "Diexodos" and the Cultural nuclei that have been born from it, are a huge chapter in the development of Culture and cultural tourism and certainly a source of inspiration for many new ideas and cultural nodes that have been created in recent years. Regional and local actors seem to be more supportive than ever of culture and cultural tourism and the development model based on the cultural industry. The strategy of the holistic design approach based on the synergies of all the value rings of the cultural industry can give the desired development impetus to the Municipality of Messolonghi and the rest of Aetoloakarnania and the Chamber of Aetoloakarnania in collaboration with the Region of Western Greece will continue to support it in every way.

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