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On Sunday, 3rd April 2022, at 11 a.m., at the Library of the International Research Center, housed at the Byron Society Building, the Messolonghi Byron Society’s anniversary event will take place in the context of the Exodus Memorial Days

This year the anniversary event is dedicated to the pioneer of the modern Greek press, Ioannis – Iakovos Mayer and to the publication of the "Greek Chronicles" in the besieged Messolonghi.

Mrs. Rodanthi Florou, President of the Messolonghi Byron Society, will preface.

In the context of the event, the Historian and Deputy Director of the National - Historical Museum, Dimitra Koukiou, will speak on the subject: "It was established, already, the present, in Messolonghi, newspaper bearing the name Greek Chronicles, December 23, 1823, Dr. John – Jacob Mayer".

Subsequently, the director - writer Telemachos Tsardakas will read extracts from the "Diary of the Siege of Messolonghi, 1825-26" by Iakovos Mayer, accompanied on the piano by the composer, Dionysis Bastas.

The event will be broadcast with live streaming through the channel of Dimitrios Malavetas in YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT2gxg4iZqw-SklYEgrw8VA

After the end of the event, the public will have the opportunity to be guided to the exhibition "REVOLUTION ́21 REFRAMED" that runs in the Museum's premises.


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