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Aetolian San Nikolaos Route La Via Nicolaiana® - Map

Aetolian San Nikolaos Route La Via Nicolaiana






Saint Nikolaos of Varasova

1st PART

08:30 - Departure from the port of Messolonghi to Kryoneri village (Duration 20 '). 

09:00 - Board the ship to reach Saint Nikolaos of Varasova (- Duration 10 ').

09:15 - Follow the path on foot to approach the old cave - church - Guided tour of Saint Nikolaos monument and the other monasteries of Varasova, of Aitoloakarnania “Holly Mountain”. (Duration 20 ').

12:15 - We will visit the church of Pantanaxiotissa, an architectural Byzantine masterpiece of the 10th century (Duration 1 hour).

14:00 - Gastronomy - Traditional welcome event in Kryoneri village (Duration 1 hour 30)

16.00 - Return to Messolonghi port. (Duration 20 ').

Guided tour of the History of the Siege and the Historic Battle of Kleisova.

Reference to the Holy Trinity and the Certified Thermal Springs (Duration 30 '). 



2nd PART

Saint Nikolaos Kremastos

8:30 - will meet at the hotel where we will leave for Kefalovryso village. (Duration 20 ')

8:50 - We will follow the path on foot to approach the cave - monastery of Saint Nikolaos Kremastos (Duration 1 hour and 10 ')

11:00 - There will be a tour of the monastery and the surrounding area (Duration 1 hour).

12:00 - We will head to the top to reach Ellinika village (Duration 1 hour 30)

13:30 - Lunch in a traditional tavern in the village (Duration 1 hour 15)

14:45 - After lunch we will walk on the mountain in a forest which is full of chestnuts and acorns and we will visit the church of Saint Simeon which is related to the history of the Holy City of Messolonghi and the historical siege (Duration 2 hours).

17:30 - Return to the hotel for rest and free program (Duration 40 ').




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